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Florida Basketball Recruiting: Transfer Dorian Finney-Smith Will Join Gators

This is both the best and worst picture of Dorian Finney-Smith.
This is both the best and worst picture of Dorian Finney-Smith.

Sometimes, little birdies bring great news for people to disseminate on Twitter. Like, say, today, when one of them told ESPN's Dave Telep that Dorian Finney-Smith will be a Gator:

Finney-Smith, a transfer from Virginia Tech, will join South Carolina transfer Damontre Harris in Florida's shadow class of 2012, as a player who will be eligible to take part in practice in 2012-13 but will not be able to suit up and hit the floor until the 2013 season. (His commitment also means that Florida's going to have to do some work with juggling scholarships to get everyone situated, but all I have on that right now is reasoned speculation; we'll cover that issue when it comes to a head.)

Even though Florida (and, by extension, Billy Donovan) missed on a few big-name big men in the 2012 recruiting cycle — Tony Parker, Anthony Bennett, Kyle Anderson is sort of big, etc. — the talent that the Gators will have in the practice facility in 2012-13 is going to be very good and very deep, and should help provide Patric Young, Erik Murphy, and Will Yeguete big bodies to bang against in the paint.

But the really exciting thing about having Finney-Smith — and Harris — in the fold for 2013? That 2013 class, which already includes Kasey Hill and may very well add Chris Walker, could be the Gators' greatest of all-time ... on paper or Rivals.