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Florida-Georgetown: Tickets Will Be Available To General Public For Game On Aircraft Carrier

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESS

In news far better than another season-ending loss at a moment timed for maximum heartbreak, Florida's November 8 collision with Georgetown on a U.S. Navy vessel in Jacksonville will have tickets available to the general public, The Gainesville Sun's Kevin Brockway reports. There are a couple of catches, though.

First, there won't be a ton of tickets available: According to Alan Verlander, executive director of Jacksonville Sports and Entertainment, seating capacity on this ship deck should be near 8,000, with at least 3,000 tickets going to military members, veterans, and the families thereof, leaving 4,000-5,000 tickets for the general public to snap up.

Second, you might have to buy a ticket to a Jaguars game, too.

"We are working on it," Verlander said. "There is a way to sell tickets, per se, but NAS Mayport can’t sell tickets on base. So we’re working on a package deal right now involving the Jaguars."

The Jags play the Colts at EverBank Field the night before the Gators play the Hoyas on an aircraft carrier to be specified later.

All in all, this still seems like a great deal for Gators fans. I know I'll be looking for a ticket, and that there's probably no price short of $200 that will dissuade me. Are you still interested in going? What's the upper limit of your price range?