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2012 NBA Draft: A Bradley Beal Scouting Report Video

I love what SB Nation Studios is doing with their video content, and I really like this scouting report on former Gators star (and you have no idea how painful the "former" is to type) Bradley Beal as we head into the 2012 NBA Draft.

But let's get a few things straight:

  • Beal hasn't been "climbing the draft boards ever since his Gators were bounced in the Elite Eight." He looked like a top-four prospect then, and looks like a top-four prospect now. I still think he's likely to go No. 3 to the Wizards.
  • "It's obvious Beal is a master at handling the rock": Er, no. He committed 79 turnovers (2.1 per game), leading Florida, and his Turnover Rate ("This is the percentage of personal possessions used on turnovers," according to was 16.9, hardly outstanding.
  • I snickered at Beal having a 7 for Athleticism, because, uh:

    And also:

  • I do like the Eric Gordon comp, though I think Beal's going to be better, and will stick by my thought that he's an evolutionary Dwyane Wade until proven wrong, but Arron Afflalo? Nah.
  • In any case, there are a bunch of videos in the playlist embedded above that you can spend 15 minutes on and enjoy. And, as always, there's more at SB Nation's YouTube channels — here's the one for basketball.