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Chomping At Bits: Bradley Beal Now Chills With Drake

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Bradley Beal is becoming a star: And not only on camera with Drake. (@RealDealBeal23)


More on Florida's first postseason no-hitter: And more from John Burke in general. (Scott Carter, Carter's Corner | GatorZone)

Explaining the calls from Florida-Georgia Tech: If I'm understanding things correctly, the strikeout-cum-return to the field-cum-strikeout was actually a foulout-cum-strikeout. (Rachel George, Swamp Things | Orlando Sentinel)

On SEC drug policies: This is the downside of having patchwork policies: Nincompoops complain about them. (Blutarsky, Get The Picture)

Adam Lane balls in return from injury: Not a bad sign for one of Florida's two running back commitments for the 2012 class. (Zach Abolverdi, Gator Prospectus | The Gainesville Sun)

Adam Allen will play at Rollins: There's a pretty good chance I will go to a Rollins game, as a result. (Rachel George, Swamp Things | Orlando Sentinel)

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