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Mike Zunino Selected By Seattle Mariners With Third Pick Of 2012 MLB Draft

Three's the magic number for Mike Zunino. (PodKATT of ATVS)
Three's the magic number for Mike Zunino. (PodKATT of ATVS)

Mike Zunino still has some work to do in his collegiate career. But when that's done, he's got a great chance to make millions and do things at the MLB level, and the Seattle Mariners selecting him with the third pick of the 2012 MLB Draft on Monday night is the first step in that process.

Zunino has slammed 46 homers and knocked in 168 runs in his three years as a Gator, and his rare competence with the bat and behind the plate made him one of the nation's finest collegiate prospects of the 2012 draft class; indeed, he was the first collegiate player selected on the night.

The knocks on Zunino — he might be at or near his peak as a player; his abilities to hit for average and power are merely very good and not extraordinary — are few, and might not impede him much on his way to the majors. Zunino still has to decide to forgo his senior year of eligibility and sign with the Mariners, which he will likely not do until after Florida's season is over, but he is regarded as a lock to move on from Florida.

The guy who comes last alphabetically on the Gators' roster, after all, is the highest Florida draftee ever — and stands to sign a deal worth around $5.2 million.