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Chomping At Bits: Billy Donovan Has A Great Job With Florida Basketball


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Florida basketball is highly-ranked coaching job: Second in the SEC to That School We Beat In Football isn't bad at all. (College Basketball Nation | Myron Medcalf and Eamonn Brennan, ESPN)

Many recruits camping at UF: Asiantii Woulard! Ebenezer Ogundeko! Antonio Riles! Many other names that you probably don't need to know! (Derek Tyson, GatorNation | ESPN Insider)

The prodigal spitting image of Billy Donovan's son returns: Nick Calathes wants to play in the NBA. You remember Nick Calathes, right? (Rachel George, Swamp Things | Orlando Sentinel)

Don't do this, Florida recruits: Referring to women as "bitches" is pretty much never a good look — putting aside how stupid and sexist it is — and neither is advertising the parties you have in public. If you can tweet it to someone, you can probably text it to someone. (Paul Sjoberg, Bourbon Meyer)

Solo cups are actually measuring cups: This blew my mind. Did you all know about this? (Beards, Blunts, Broncos — and yes, not only is that the real name of his Tumblr, he lists himself as "taken")

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