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Florida Names Emily Bastel New Women's Golf Coach

Florida women's golf coach Jan Dowling shocked even Jeremy Foley when she resigned for personal reasons a little less than two weeks ago. But the Gators didn't exactly pull a shocker in naming assistant Emily Bastel Florida's new head coach of women's golf on Friday.

Bastel had served on Dowling's staff for just 10 months, but blew away Foley and much of the rest of the powers that be in an interview.

"I was just blown away," Foley said. "We had a diamond in our midst and didn’t even know it."

The search committee felt the same way after its meeting with Bastel.

"When she left the room, we all sort of looked at each other and said, you know, 'Wow.' It was that impressive," said senior associate athletic director Mike Spiegler, who oversees women’s golf. "She may be on the quiet side, but she’s confident and has an idea about the direction we’re headed and will continue to go."

GatorZone's Chris Harry also reports that Florida's players lobbied hard for Bastel's promotion. GatorVision has video of Bastel talking about her philosophy.

So that national search for Dowling's replacement was short, huh? And kind of local?