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On Florida State's Tyler Hunter, A Plea For Context

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I wrote something at about the plight of Tyler Hunter, a Florida State cornerback whose off-color tweets took on a life of their own without a lot of context.

There are two ideas at play here, though. One is that bloggers and writers can miss things by not knowing context or failing to do due diligence that might resemble journalism. Those who aren't familiar with rap might not realize athletes are using lyrics on Twitter: Tyrann Mathieu's rant, for example, was peppered with references to Pusha T's "Exodus 23:1" — and that song, a diss possibly aimed at Drake and Lil Wayne which elicited a response from Weezy, had already confounded some folks. Understanding all possible contexts is understandably difficult, certainly, but the rush to get a post up before someone else playing "Gotcha" does makes understanding them on the fly even harder.

The other idea is that, much as artists will sometimes be made to answer for their lyrics, athletes (and you can extend this to public figures) must be eternally vigilant when using social media as a sort of public diary, because everything can be saved on the Internet, and the slightest slip-up gives a blog a reason to run a salacious headline.

I'm fairly proud of this, and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments either here or there.