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Louisville Brags About NCAA Postseason Participation, Can't Brag About Championships Like Florida

You may wonder why I'm posting a Louisville video that brags about Louisville. It's for this screen, one that shows that Florida was one of four schools to have at least seven teams in the "eight major sports" (football, men's and women's basketball, men's and women's soccer, volleyball, baseball, and softball) reach NCAA postseason play.


The video goes on to note that Louisville was the only school to have every team in those eight sports in postseason competition. Which is, in fact, neat, and worth creating a marketing video around. Except, that is, for one little thing: Louisville won zero national championships last year, and has just two national championships in its history, and hasn't won a national championship since Denny Crum's Cards won the NCAA Tournament ... in 1986.

Baylor won one in 2011-12, in women's basketball. North Carolina won one in men's soccer. And Florida won three, in other non-"Elite Eight" sports: Women's tennis, and men's indoor and outdoor track.

Oh, and the only sport Florida didn't get to the NCAA postseason in, among those eight? Men's soccer. Because Florida doesn't have men's soccer.

Enjoy being good enough to get to the postseason in a lot of events, Louisville. It ain't the same as being elite enough to compete for championships in them, but it's something.

(Okay, maybe I'm still bitter.)