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Florida Football 100 For 100, No. 82: Will Muschamp Lowers The Boom On Georgia

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There's been talk of recent years about moving the Florida-Georgia game out of Jacksonville, where it has been held for all but two meetings since 1933. With the SEC changing and both teams' climb to the top of the SEC getting harder, moving the game back to a home-and-home affair has been an idea worth discussing — in the media, if nowhere else.

Will Muschamp fired a shot at Georgia in responding to a question about the Florida-Georgia game at SEC Media Days:

He's right about the former — for most Florida (and Georgia) fans, I suspect a home-and-home series wouldn't quite feel like the Florida-Georgia rivalry. I can't speak to the veracity of the latter, but Muschamp tends to keep his shots terse and factually correct.

And, even if it isn't completely right, that second part is certainly a hunk of red meat for both Florida fans who love a coach that can poke the stick at rivals. Now he just has to start beating those rivals to a pulp.