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Video: NCAA Football 13 Trolls Florida With Tim Tebow, Georgia Bulldog

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Remember when I said that, "fortunately for our psychic health," NCAA Football 13's trailer for its Heisman Challenge mode didn't show Tim Tebow in another uniform? Well, I should have found room for yet somewhere in there.

That's right, it's Tim Tebow — in the red and black of Georgia, not the Gators' orange and blue.

I agree with the Florida fan who feels gross. I agree with the Georgia fan who thinks this is just wrong. I agree with the idea that this is a thing that would inspire Athens to literally catch fire, because WHERE IS YOUR PRECIOUS BEST COLLEGE TOWN IN THE SOUTH GOD NOW, Georgia fans!?

But I also agree with the idea that EA Sports has hit on something incredible with the Heisman Challenge, which is essentially an invitation to repeatedly commit sacrilege against your school and desecrate your own memories of your team. I can guarantee that I will never play with Tebow as a Dawg or a 'Nole or a Vol ... but I bet I'll end up using Herschel Walker as a Gator.