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Video: Michelle Moultrie Gets Inside-The-Park Home Run On A Bunt

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Michelle Moultrie was well-known for her bat while at Florida. She hit for average (.385 career batting average, .446 in her junior season) and power (22 homers, plenty for a leadoff hitter) and was usually one of the Gators' best offensive player despite the presence of a bunch of sluggers.

But I don't think any of us were prepared for what Moultrie did on Monday night, when she turned a bunt into an inside-the-park home run. Watch the video; your jaw will drop.

Not only does Moultrie get around the bases after laying one down — which would be insane if it were that alone that happened on the play after the throwing error — she does it in a mere 12 seconds. I can't write most of the sentences I write in 12 seconds.

In fact, here I will try to write as much as I can in 12 seconds and we will se — and that was as far as I got before Michelle scored again.

I think she's got a bright future in this softball thing.