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Florida Football Recruiting: Gators Top Vernon Hargreaves III's List, Josh McNeil Commits To Alabama

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Florida's still very much in the game for five-star cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III. On Friday, Hargreaves named a top five — and Florida topped it.

Josh Newberg of 247Sports says that the schools are in order, putting the Gators as the leader for Hargreaves. He quotes Hargreaves: "Number one is Florida, two is Clemson, three is Vanderbilt, four is Miami and five is Notre Dame."

That's the Tampa Bay Times snagging what I'll guess is behind the 247Sports paywall here, but it backs up the idea that Florida may well be the leader among the big-name teams Hargreaves is considering. The problem is that Florida's probably not the "real" leader, nor the eventual winner of the Hargreaves race, because his father remains on staff at USF and it's expected that he'll stay in Tampa if his dad does.

Hargreaves really is the best cornerback in the country, maybe better than any corner from the 2012 class, and so he'll be a priority for Florida going forward.

Josh McNeil was also thought to be a priority for the Gators, but, uh, no more.

The best part of that tweet is that it was sent at 11:09 p.m. on a Friday night. C'mon, use that time for pranking your teammates, son.

In any case, because McNeil is now dead to me, look for Florida to ... huh, well, no tight ends left, y'all, we're rolling with what we have.