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VIDEO: Florida Commits Kasey Hill And Chris Walker Invent Five-Point Play

There are going to be many very awesome things about Florida having Kasey Hill and Chris Walker in the fold as commits for the Class of 2013 before their senior years of high school even begin. One of them is going through all of the Florida Rams/Florida Elite video that Home Team Hoops has compiled of both players running roughshod in AAU and watching remarkable play after remarkable play.

Like, say, Hill and Walker inventing the five-point play on Saturday.

Yes, that's Hill draining a wide-open three (miiiiight want to cover that guy, players on the other team) and Walker snagging the ball in mid-air and throwing it down on a windmill dunk. Yes, those players will both be wearing Gators jerseys come the fall of 2013.

Yes, you should be incredibly excited about the near future of Florida basketball. The talent level in Gainesville is nearing the high-water mark of the days of the Oh-Fours — and Billy Donovan knows how to win national championships now.