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"Money Straight Like Joakim Noah Hair": Presenting The Most Gators Rap Song Ever

I have pilloried piss-poor raps about Florida here before, and thought hopefully of a time when Gators fans won't have to hear them, but amateur rappers rapping are not Wiz Khalifa, The Game, and Stat Quo. And Wiz's "Far From Coach," off upcoming album O.N.I.F.C. (you can Google it), is not bad: There's a reference to Joakim Noah, and Stat Quo, who once attended UF as Stanley Benton, acquits himself nicely.

Disclaimer: This is a Wiz Khalifa song and so it is partially about weed; it is an unedited rap song and so there is a specific word that rappers use a lot throughout it that may offend; it is a rap song, so pointless threats of violence riddle it. It's also a decent rap song.

That Jo line is Game's:

Money Gang, money straight like Joakim Noah hair

As for Quo's verse, which comes third, I laughed at "Plus, I’m cooler than the cooler at your grandmama's picnic." Visit Killer Hip-Hop for the rest of the lyrics.