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VIDEO: Patric Young, Florida Basketball Still Working Insanely Hard In Summer Workouts

In April, Patric Young posted a video of the insane workouts Florida's basketball team was doing on Fridays: tire pushing, vehicle dragging, and keg lifting. Believe it or not, in the heart and heat of the Florida summer, Young and the Gators are still doing that.

If I had to rate this workout on a scale from 1 to 10, I would put it at a I Will Never Be Able To Do Any Of It. Jogging with a heavy bag slung over a shoulder? No. Pulling a compact car from a sitting position, even with a tire for leverage? No. Pushing a two-ton truck? No f--king way.

But that's one difference between me and a big-time Division I athlete: Not only can Patric Young do this, he is doing it, despite it being something he probably dreads waking up to and hates in the moment. And work like that usually doesn't pay off in the moment; it pays off when up five points in the Elite Eight.

Young and the rest of the Gators just have to put themselves in that position.