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Florida Football 100 For 100, No. 89: No More Terrible Tim Tebow Rap Videos! (Please?)

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Last year, we tried 50 For 50, and got halfway done before things cropped up. This year, Alligator Army is coming back with 100 For 100, with 100 articles in the 100 days leading up to the first Florida Gators football game of the 2012 season, and will run down storylines, profile players, examine history, and make some predictions, possibly all haphazardly. The only thing we can promise is that each day's entry will bring us all one step closer to "Herrrrrrrrre ... come the Gators!"

And maybe that you'll get a couple of these a day for the next week or so.

Amateur anthropologist and Bad Sports Town expert Jason Kirk has a list of the 12 worst college fan videos in human history up at the mothership today, and it's fantastic ... except for the fact that Florida's on it.

A crappy-yet-everywhere video or two per fan base is to be expected, but certain schools have really mastered the craft and thus crank out horrifying videos in bulk. Two such universities collide every year in Jacksonville. Blame the brain-vaporizing weather, blame rural upbringings combined with proximity to Atlanta and Miami, blame it on whatever you like, but Florida and Georgia have the game on lock. I mean, this Tebowing one and "this is what Bubba Sparxxx's feces sounds like" didn't even make the cut for Florida. Prepare:

Georgia has its own boondoggles, but Florida has a ton, and the one above is insidious in that it's terrible and embeds itself in my brain every time I click play.

I've written about Gators rap videos here before, but this key point didn't click for me until today: They're mostly Tim Tebow's fault. His rise coincided with the rise of easy video production and online video distribution, his name in your online product is a thing that gets your online product seen, and the embarrassing Florida videos essentially didn't exist before him. This should start to tail off at some point, because Tebow will soon have been in the NFL for as long as he was at Florida, but we can only hope that point will come soon.

In the meantime, when you hear someone rhyming "Andre Debose" with "cars and the clothes" or see a mocking video about jorts or Tebowing (which, uh, someone Tebowed at Wimbledon yesterday, so that's o-v-e-r) set to music, remember: Blame Tebow.