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Florida Football Preview Video: Can The Gators Solve Their Offensive Mystery?

Our friends at SB Nation Studios are ramping up their college football content as the season approaches — you realize fall practice for the Gators begins Friday, yes? — and their effort this week is a college football top 25 countdown of previews. Florida comes in at No. 19, a bit high, and this is what Dan Rubenstein has for you.

I think it's perfectly fair to call Florida "an offensive mystery," because I'll bet that Brent Pease and Will Muschamp don't even know what their offense is going to be able to give them reliably in 2012. It doesn't all depend on whether Jacoby Brissett and/or Jeff Driskel can give these Gators competent, confident, and consistent quarterback play, but that's not a bad place to look.

As for Florida's defense: It's good, and that's no secret. But defense isn't as appealing, and saying that Muschamp's unit is a solid band of veterans isn't anything new.

For more college football preview videos, head over to SB Nation, where they're all on one page. And tell us what you think of this one, or of Florida's chances of living up to a No. 19 ranking, in the comments.