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Florida Sent Demarcus Robinson Many Letters At The Wrong Address

Ah, recruiting. The shadiest lane in all of college athletics — and one that social media allows athletes to cast a bright light on. This is the case with Clemson commit and Florida target Demarcus Robinson.

That's a tweet from Robinson this afternoon, with a table full of letters from colleges. There are two from Louisville, one from Georgia Tech, one from Clemson — and what appear to be either 11 or 13 from Florida, depending on whether the two at top right without a Gator Head on them are indeed from Florida.

I'm guessing those are, because they have the little sticker on the bottom right like the other 11 that are clearly from the Gators. That sticker is an indication that the letters were forwarded — and proof that Florida sent these letters to the wrong address.

I know that sticker well because I had mail forwarded from my home address to a couple of my addresses in Gainesville for more than a year, but here are the full-size picture and a crop from it to prove it, also known as the blurriest picture I will ever post here:



Both should be embiggen-able when you click.

247 Sports' Luke Stampini confirms that the U.S. Postal Service saved UF, but another way you know his home address isn't the one you see on the Florida envelopes is that there's no way Robinson's family would have been cool with him putting their home address on Twitter.

As for what Florida not having the right address for Robinson means: a) you can take a break from recruiting for a day, friend and b) it means that, in all probability, some Florida coach/recruiter and Robinson have already texted and laughed about it.