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Jeff Driskel Injury: Contusion Of The Scapula For QB, Will Muschamp Says

Jeff Driskel may be doing less of this for a week.
Jeff Driskel may be doing less of this for a week.

Will Muschamp finally shot straight with the media on Wednesday on Jeff Driskel's injury, making an unscheduled appearance at what was supposed to be players' media availability on Wednesday. Here's what he said, via Jason Lieser of the Palm Beach Post, Scout's Cody Jones, and Philip Heilman of Gator Country:

What does that all mean? Let's run it down.

First: Driskel having a bone bruise on his left shoulder blade — this is what a contusion of the left scapula is — is not exactly a "significant" injury in the sense that it will be limiting athletically. That left shoulder is his non-throwing shoulder, and Driskel might be fine to play a game with that injury if push came to shove. Bone bruises are painful, but that pain is the main issue.

Second: It's good that Florida's medical staff hasn't cleared him for practice, though, because that shows that there are reasons to take precautions prior to a season. If this were November, and Driskel were the leader of a 10-1 team heading into a road game against Florida State, not only would the public probably never know of an injury like this, I have no doubt that Driskel would start with the injury.

Third: It's good that Muschamp decided to clear this up. It cleans up the mess made by not disclosing as much during his media availability on Monday, and it quells some of the criticism lobbed at him for holding the media at arm's length during the farce that was Tuesday's flurry of reports about the injury.

Fourth: Yes, the quarterback competition continues apace, but the idea that Driskel's injury means Florida QBs miss a week of contact in practice instead of a couple days of practice should be troubling for him and the Gators, and maybe not all that encouraging for Jacoby Brissett.

If Brissett shows out in the next week, while Driskel is limited there could be a resolution on Florida's starting quarterback sooner than previously anticipated ... but that was always a possibility, right? Practices being changed so that Driskel can keep participating could stymie the growth of both players. And that ain't good.