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Florida Football 100 For 100, No. 68: On Urban Meyer And Gary Beemer

There are 18 days until Florida's September 1 opener with Bowling Green. There are 68 entries left in the 100 For 100 series. So it's four entries per day from here on out, give or take.

Read more than one post about Urban Meyer here at Alligator Army and you'll probably learn pretty quickly that our opinions on Meyer are multi-dimensional. He was a great coach until he wasn't, unfairly chastised for his players' discipline until it became a problem, and a devoted family man with some troubling issues distinguishing football from family.

One thing he did really well, though, was deal with walk-ons. Gary Beemer, for example, got to score a touchdown, and became a cult hero in the process. (There are a surprising number of Gary Beemer videos on YouTube.)

Meyer's great at putting together ideas that get copied — Florida's Friday Night Lights, for example, or the "Percy position" — but that gesture toward walk-ons, the men insane enough to put the majority of their life into college football, usually without getting the reward of a scholarship, was a great one, and not his only one.

Meyer will keep having good ideas and other smart coaches will keep purloining them — Steve Spurrier let a walk-on kicker attempt a field goal for a scholarship with players crowding around, an idea he credited to Meyer doing something similar at Ohio State.

Just a reminder: In all likelihood, even the people you hate do good things.