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Florida Football Recruiting: Rodney Adams Officially Decommits, Alvin Bailey Gets Offer

Alvin Bailey's hair is at least a five-star 'hawk. (Bud Elliott/SB Nation)
Alvin Bailey's hair is at least a five-star 'hawk. (Bud Elliott/SB Nation)

Two recruiting moves that have seemingly been in the offing for Florida for a while happened in the open today: Wide receiver Rodney Adams officially decommitted, and wide receiver/athlete Alvin Bailey got his official offer.

Starting with Adams: This is not exactly what Adams wanted, nor what Florida wants. ESPN's Derek Tyson gets the credit for breaking it, but our Bud Elliott notes that Adams posted to Facebook this week that doctors told him he can't play football right now. Combine that with the worry that Adams wouldn't qualify academically at Florida and the resignation of wide receivers coach Aubrey Hill, and this had seemed inevitable for a little while.

Adams is a good enough player to find a school that will take him on if his grades get ironed out, but his health is paramount. Think some good thoughts or say a prayer for a kid who had an awful week when you get a chance.

Bailey's week, by contrast, has been a very good one. Amy Campbell of Scout was first to the news that he was offered, and also noted that he was at UF today. Doing the math — Adams decommits, Bailey shows up on campus after not doing so for Friday Night Lights, Bailey gets an offer — it's fairly likely that Bailey's offer was extended by Muschamp in person, and probably a committable offer as a result.

As for whether Bailey will end up with the Gators: Tyson, an old Seffner Armwood player who has better sources there at Bailey's high school than anyone, is calling the chances "very good," so I'm inclined to believe the same.

Do you like the idea of Alvin Bailey, Gators wideout? Are you sad to hear of Adams' decommitment? Do you think recruiting might be a little crazy when a 16-year-old can have a week as bad as Adams' and have it all be public? Let's discuss it in the comments.