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Will Hill Sacks Tim Tebow, Disturbance Felt Throughout Gator Nation

Tim Tebow and Will Hill couldn't have had more divergent careers at Florida: Tebow did, uh, some stuff, en route to becoming the most decorated player in Gators (and maybe college football) history, while Hill ran over a guy in a wheelchair, nearly made the greatest play in the history of the Florida-Georgia rivalry, and earned Internet infamy with a wildly entertaining Twitter account.

But the NFL isn't the same as Florida, and so seeing Hill, now a member of the New York Giants, sack Tebow in their game against the New York Jets is an exercise in believing what your eyes are allowing you to see instead of what your brain tells you is possible.


To be fair to Tebow, it looks like his running back completely misses a blitz pickup, and Hill blasts Tebow but has to drag him down. But that doesn't make this moment any less bizarre, does it?