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Florida Football 100 For 100, No. 57: Gators Rising Again

There are eight days until Florida's September 1 opener with Bowling Green. There are 57 entries left in the 100 For 100 series. So we're really in good shape.

Another day, another hype-up Gators video from Florida's finest, the man who goes by taylor gang on YouTube and @ClutchLikeMJ on Twitter.

Using The Dark Knight Rises as its theme, the video showcases Andre Debose's speed, Jelani Jenkins using his hands for better purposes than not catching interceptions, and Matt Elam ... being Matt Elam. If it doesn't get your pulse racing and your heart wishing tomorrow was game day, I think you should probably see your physician.

Meanwhile, Florida's official video about readiness is not quite as exciting, but did briefly seem to come to us from the year 2102. It got listed with 2102 instead of 2012 in the title before being changed, which explains how I got this screenshot:


Florida marketing: Ahead of its time.