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Video: Steelers' Chris Rainey Scores Classic Rainey TD Against Bills


Chris Rainey clearly couldn't be one-upped by Jeff Demps' impressive preseason debut on Friday. The Steelers speedster from Florida did a bit more than Demps did on his fine run for the Patriots by gashing the Bills for a long touchdown on Saturday.

Rainey has impressive top-end speed, as ever, but it's the cut from a back who can occasionally seem made of quicksilver that really impresses. Rainey barely needs to plant to blow by a defender who can only get his shoetop, and takes it to the end zone for six. Of course, it wouldn't be a longish Rainey touchdown run without Rainey getting caught at the end and stumbling into the promised land. That's just how Rainey do.

The same caveats as Demps' run obviously apply here: This is a run in a preseason game, against the nth-string defense, at the end of the game. Rainey ran three times for 41 yards in the game, just like Demps did in his, but didn't carry the ball until the fourth quarter.

Some things don't change, though: Rainey's victim on that cut was none other than former Georgia cornerback Prince Miller.