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Video: Will Muschamp Press Conference Before Florida Vs. Bowling Green

Here's the video of Will Muschamp's Monday press conference before Bowling Green. Muschamp does these every Monday and I'll try to get them up here Monday afternoon.

After the jump, what you need to know from it.

  • Muschamp begins it by saying the quarterbacks will alternate, then mentions that Jeff Driskel is cleared to play on Saturday. He added "We'll evaluate it at halftime, exactly what I said" when asked to clarify on how he would determine who plays in the second half.
  • Ronald Powell, Kedric, Nick Alajajian, Colin Thompson, Matt Patchan, and Tommy Jordan were among the players Muschamp mentioned as out for Bowling Green. Jeremy Brown will be re-evaluated Tuesday.
  • On Florida's game against Furman miserable performance against Florida State in 2011: "The last time we played in our stadium, we didn't coach or play very well."
  • On De'Ante "Pop" Saunders: "Well, he has a hamstring at this time. And he'll sit the first two games, you know, for right now. But he's got a hamstring, so he wouldn't probably wouldn't be able to go the first game at least anyways," That's not going to quell speculation that Saunders is serving an unannounced suspension. Remember, Saunders was arrested for marijuana possession in 2011.
  • On being ready for this game after a disappointing 2011 season: "You never put last season behind you. And you gotta learn from it and move forward and let it motivate you."
  • On Frankie Hammond: "I think Frankie is our most consistent receiver right now. I think throughout the summer, both Jeff and Jacoby felt very comfortable with Frankie." Muschamp also cited his ability to do things beyond running vertical routes, like running routes across the middle and blocking.
  • On Trey Burton: "Trey's very smart, he's very intelligent. Football comes very easy to him. It comes easier to him than others in terms of just understanding concepts in the run game, concepts in the pass game. You can verbalize an awful lot with him that maybe you can't with other guys." When asked if Burton has "one exceptional skill," Muschamp replied "I think intelligence is a skill." When asked if there's anything physically exceptional about Burton, Muschamp replied "Well, I think he's a very smart football player, which helps his physical attributes. He runs well, he catches the ball well, he's got extremely good hands." Returning to Burton later, Muschamp called him "a very good communicator" and "a heck of a football player.
  • Muschamp compared quarterback to cornerback, saying both positions have players "who deserve to start" at them.
  • "Will, what are your expectations for quarterbacks this season?" "Win. ... Play well, take care of the ball and score points, move our football team. Get us in and out of the huddle, I mean, just manage our team. And not in the conservative manner."
  • "Neiron Ball's had a little bit of an ankle (injury)," but he's expected to play against Bowling Green.
  • On why Mack Brown can succeed in the downhill running game in 2012: "Our run game's a little bit different. What we're doing schematically helps his running style."
  • Muschamp cited Jonathan Bullard (who should play "early), Brian Poole, Matt Jones, Raphael Andrades, Latroy Pittman, D.J. Humphries (who has an "outside chance" of playing against Bowling Green), Jessamen Dunker, and Kent Taylor as freshmen who should play on Saturday. Then he mentioned Antonio Morrison, almost as an afterthought. Morrison sure doesn't seem like the average freshman.
  • "No, not at this time." - Muschamp's response to a question about whether there is a plan freshman Skyler Mornhinweg would get playing time against Bowling Green.
  • On the wildcat: "It's something we'll use game-to-game."
  • In response to a question about whether Jeff Dillman, at Appalachian State when it upset Michigan in 2007, would speak to the Gators about that experience: "We need to worry about the University of Florida and that's it."

GatorVision also has video of Frankie Hammond speaking to the media. Make sure to watch it for how happy he looks.