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Florida Football 100 For 100, No. 47: Dress Your Children Or Babies In Gators Apparel, Get Posts

There are five days until Florida's September 1 opener with Bowling Green. There are 47 entries left in the 100 For 100 series. I regret setting the completion of this series as a goal immensely.

I really need to start making some of these posts shorter, so here's one of them: It is a cat wearing Florida apparel.

And now I make a solemn promise to you, the reader: If you have a baby and you want to indoctrinate your child from an early age and show her or him off to the Internet and/or you have a pet you want to spend money buying ridiculous Florida-branded apparel for (here is your link to go do that, person with way more disposable income than I have), send that picture to or @AlligatorArmy and I promise I will publicize it on the Internet.

Yes, that's right: Your children and pets are good-for-nothing carbon-based life forms no longer, now that a Gators blog is willing to showcase them wearing Gators onesies and ... well, whatever it is pets wear.