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Video: Watch The Gator Head Get Painted On The Swamp In Time-Lapse

The Gator Head was getting painted on The Swamp at midfield when I walked through Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on my way to class yesterday, but the white outline that had been traced onto the field got washed away by the rain. Now, that big ol' Gators logo is on the ground in the center of The Swamp, and there's a time-lapse video showing us how it was done.

I suspect I'm in the minority in thinking this was a thing that had to happen eventually — UF using an F that essentially doesn't appear anywhere else in its branding was getting odd, and making all of the changes in one year makes sense — but I like how big and bright that Gator Head is, and I've grown to really like the new version with more of the Gators' swamp green.

But here's where I have to ask: Do you like the new Florida Field? Or are you still mad that fonts have changed and frustrated by how swiftly the future's been embraced?