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Florida Vs. Bowling Green: Five (Well, Six) Players To Watch

Here is Matt Elam making a turnover happen. Let's hope this happens on Saturday.
Here is Matt Elam making a turnover happen. Let's hope this happens on Saturday.

Florida vs. Kentucky: Saturday, September 1 at 3:30 p.m. on ESPN. Get excited.

QBs Jacoby Brissett and Jeff Driskel

What else are you going to be watching, really? The Jeffcoby Driskett duel threatens, at this point, to be more important than the actual football game that will take place at the same time, and even a 49-point win is going to feel hollow if neither quarterback plays well. So here's what you should be watching from them: Ball velocity and accuracy on the first sideline comeback and the first deep ball; reaction to pressure in the pocket; ability to make quick reads and deliver the ball; third down and red zone performance. It's those situations that separate guys who can throw from quarterbacks who can win.

DT Sharrif Floyd

I don't think Dominique Easley is going to be 100 percent on Saturday, though he'll likely be close to it, as he's had about nine months to rehab from his torn ACL. But Floyd should be 100 percent, and Floyd's going to be back at the 3-technique defensive tackle position where he belongs. No Gator has a brighter NFL future than Floyd does right this second, and putting him in his natural role with the right players on either side of him (Easley being at that DE spot is also a good thing) could make him more dangerous than ever.

QB Matt Schilz

The Falcons don't have a ton of talent on the ground, but Dave Clawson's offense tore up the MAC in 2011, and Schilz threw for over 3,000 yards and 28 touchdowns. One problem: His top two receivers from 2011, and four of his top six, are gone, and so Schilz is going to be tossing spirals to players who haven't been around for quite as long. So it's probably going to fall on Schilz to run the offense right and get throws in to players, rather than relying on a deep receiving corps to get open against Florida's secondary.

S Matt Elam

Elam's a sentimental favorite for many Gators because he looks like a safety, with shoulders sculpted to drive through receivers and separate them from the grip of gravity and/or their hands from the ball. But Elam looking the part of the playmaker has not quite translated to him making plays so far, as the Gators struggled to force turnovers throughout 2011. Elam getting a pick or jarring a ball loose would be a rush for fans — and it would also show that he's going to be a potent part of the defense beyond the imposing walk from the bus.

WR Andre Debose

Debose may be the most important player not listed in the first two lines of Florida's weekly depth chart. And that might be why he's not listed there: If Debose, who has all the talent one could want from a wide receiver who isn't Calvin Johnson-sized, can figure out how to be a consistent and complete player, the sky is the limit for him. Whether he's slipped on the depth chart or been dropped as a coaches' tactic, Debose needs to get himself on the field and make plays to make these Gators as good as they can be on offense. He'll probably haul in a big catch at some point, but I'd honestly rather it be a 30-yarder coming over the middle on a post than a 70-yarder on a go route.

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