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Chomping At Bits: Neiron Ball, So Hard

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Neiron Ball's return: It's called arteriovenous malformation. And Ball coming back from it makes everything after it pure joy. This is a fine feature. (Eric Adelson, Yahoo! Sports)

Ryan Lochte's bro-ness: You're still reading Lochte pieces, yes? (David Roth, The Classical)

Is the Penn State Way worth saving? An interesting musing on the culture of a university. (Debra Hawhee, The Center for Democratic Debate)

Another reason to hate Darren Rovell: Dude wrote a book about Gatorade and got awesome Gators swag for it. (Darren Rovell)

Former Florida State AD maybe not the nicest guy: When the winningest coach in a sport is taking shots at you, I tend to think you may be worth taking shots at. (Brendan Quinn, GoVolsXtra)

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