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Chomping At Bits: Florida Gets iPhone App, Stanford Gets iPad Playbooks

No reason for this picture of Jonathon Crawford beyond it being in our photo tool.
No reason for this picture of Jonathon Crawford beyond it being in our photo tool.

Chomping At Bits comes stocked with the best Florida Gators links and news we can find. Got a link we should check out? Email us at, subject line CAB.

The official Florida Gators mobile app is here: I've downloaded it but haven't fiddled around with it. Anyone have a review? (GatorZone)

Stanford, Washington have iPad playbooks: These are coming for every team before long, trust. And not just because giving players iPads is a perk that teams can now work out under NCAA rules. (Avinash Kunnath, Pacific Takes)

Vegas + basketball = more than a shotgun wedding: I feel like I used this before in a CAB, but here it is again, if I did. (Jeff Borzello, CBS Sports)

What is quarterback leadership? Sometimes, it's just being the guy who can help your team score. (Scipio Tex, Barking Carnival)

Ryan Lochte is still in the Michael Phelps conversation: And Lochte could end up in a completely different conversation by the end of 2016. (Pat Forde, Yahoo! Sports)

Trader Joe's is coming to Gainesville: Boy, I can't wait to buy Two-Buck Chuck. I haven't been buying enough cheap wine I don't actually get around to drinking since the Albertsons closed. <--- these sentences are 99% true. (Anthony Clark, The Gainesville Sun)

Gainesville's House of Beer sounds good: I don't drink much beer, but will I drink bacon beer and cinnamon-infused beer? Probably. (INsite Gainesville)

One time, Florida fled Cuba: And it was awesome. (Michael T. Wood, Bacardi Bowl, more at EDSBS)

If you're wondering why this is the first post you've seen today, I blame the Olympics and/or Whose Line Is It Anyway? playlists on YouTube. Whichever you'd believe more.

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