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Shutdown Fullback, Week 2 Recap: Florida's Steady Diet Plan Worked


I see you, Spencer Hall, trying to make Florida's philosophy under Will Muschamp sound bad.

Florida! Texas A&M! Two different kinds of crash diets, really! Will Muschamp is that steady, awful calorie counting that will get you better week by week and, y'know, you'll hit your goal weight in about three or four months.

Putting aside that calorie restriction isn't exactly a "crash" diet: Isn't that plan a good one, both in nutrition and in football? Teams want to play well consistently, not swing from lofty highs to embarrassing lows, and Muschamp's Nick Saban-shaped paradigm treasures that consistent excellence above all else.

Muschamp's also got and has had a roster at Florida that that is not suitable for unsustainable win-now schemess: Andre Debose is the stevia of the Florida offense, an unnatural concoction of speed and athleticism and such, but Muschamp and Brent Pease are shying away from his use as if there were SEC dietary regulations.

Florida seems intent on doing things "the right way," whatever that is. As long as it produces wins, fans may end up not minding that much.