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Video: Trey Burton Goes 80 Yards For Touchdown For Florida Vs. Tennessee

Because it bears repeating: I'm happy to be wrong about Trey Burton, and to have seen Burton's finest moment as a Gator last night against Tennessee. This 80-yard run was the game-tying touchdown last night, and the point at which Florida went from hanging on to grabbing the game by its neck and shaking it.

I'm sure our FlaGators is going to have a breakdown of this play in Theater of Operations on Monday, so I won't tip too much of it here. Burton's burst is impressive and the blocking is fantastic, but I'm most impressed by his top-end speed. He got an assist in the form of Marsalis Teague taking a horrific angle after being fooled by the wildcat action, but he also keeps flying despite having to fend off Teague with a well-placed arm.

In a way, it's reminiscent of Burton's touchdown run against Georgia in 2010, but while that was arguably bigger as a go-ahead score in the fourth quarter, this one swung momentum to the Gators' side for good.