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Florida Vs. Bowling Green: Reviewing Predictions

I was wrong about Jeff Driskel, among other things.
I was wrong about Jeff Driskel, among other things.

Reviewing our 25 predictions for Florida's first game of the season.

  • Jacoby Brissett will start at quarterback and play the first quarter.
    Technically half right? I won't count this one.
  • Jeff Driskel will play the second quarter at quarterback.
  • Driskel will play well enough to be tabbed to play in the second half.
  • Brissett will also play in the second half.
  • The Friday night report that said both quarterbacks would start at the same time will not come true, because Will Muschamp and Brent Pease aren't going to forfeit their season to cuteness immediately ... and because a two-quarterbacks play could be valuable against a more fearsome team.
    Wrong. Which, uh, well.
  • Mike Gillislee will set a new career high for carries, likely doubling his previous high of 11 carries.
    Right. Biggest gimme on the board.
  • Gillislee will also set a new career high for rushing yardage by going over 100 yards on the day.
    Right. I was worried for a while that Gilly wouldn't get to the century mark.
  • Both Mack Brown and Matt Jones will get at least five carries each.
    Wrong. Not spectacularly wrong, as Brown had four carries and Jones five, but still wrong.
  • Latroy Pittman will make at least one catch of more than 40 yards.
    Wrong. Nope.
  • Raphael Andrades will make at least two catches.
    Wrong. I know Andrades played, but I didn't even see him on the field.
  • Frankie Hammond Jr. will be Florida's leading receiver.
    Right. Three catches for 62 yards is good enough, I guess!
  • Florida will lead by at least 17 points at halftime.
    Wrong. So, so, so, so, so, so, so wrong.
  • Both Dante Fowler and Jonathan Bullard will see snaps on the field in the first quarter.
    Right. But I expected Bullard to beat Fowler to the field; he didn't.
  • Lerentee McCray and Dominique Easley will both have sacks in the game.
    Wrong. No, sir.
  • Jelani Jenkins will lead Florida in tackles.
    Wrong. Just three, well behind Jon Bostic's eight.
  • Florida will blitz defensive backs fewer than six times in the game.
    Right. I haven't checked the tape, but I'm comfortable in saying I'm right on this.
  • Matt Elam will force a turnover.
    Wrong. Not even close.
  • Loucheiz Purifoy and Marcus Roberson will start at cornerback.
    Right. Good guess by me!
  • Florida will come out in nickel, making starts by cornerbacks a bit misleading.
    Wrong. Starting lineup on the PBP makes it look like a basic 3-4.
  • At least one interception will be made by a cornerback.
    Right. Roberson got some help on it, of course.
  • Florida's defense will allow fewer than five yards per play in the game.
    Right. I have 327 yards over 79 plays, which is 4.14 yards per play.
  • Florida's defense will give up fewer than 17 points in the game.
    Right. Somehow.
  • Caleb Sturgis will make at least two field goals.
    Right. Maybe the second-easiest proposition on the board.
  • Florida will win by 24 points or more.
    Wrong. Hahahahaha no. This was the closest season-opening win of Florida's 23-year streak.
  • Florida's win will never be in doubt beyond the first quarter.
    Wrong. I clearly meant to write fourth.
  • So how did I do? I got 11 right, and 14 wrong. That's a fantastic 44 percent success rate that I hope to improve on by stacking the deck with easier predictions as I go forward.

    This Week: 11-for-25, 44 percent.

    Season To Date: 11-for-25, 44 percent.