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Florida Football Recruiting: Tyler Moore Will Transfer To Florida


Florida's being forced to rebuild its offensive line via any means possible, and securing the commitment of Nebraska transfer Tyler Moore, as ESPN's Derek Tyson reports the Gators did on Thursday, is one good way to do that. Moore's father was the person giving the quotes to Tyson, and he had one really laudatory thing to say about the Gators:

"I've never seen a staff work as hard as their staff," Brian Moore said. "From Muschamp, to the strength coach (Jeff) Dillman, to the director of player personnel Jon Haskins, there was just a different energy at Florida."

Muschamp gets praised pretty often, as does Dillman, but Haskins — who came to Florida from Stanford, where he oversaw a similar build — is a rarely-praised, rarely-seen part of Florida's now-whirring recruiting machine. The bit that Muschamp has repeated more than once about recruiting being like shaving is truest when the staff that is committed to recruiting every day is actually good at it, too.

Having Moore, who will sit out the 2012 season but be eligible to play in 2013 as a sophomore, on board gives the Gators what should be an incredible "sophomore class" of linemen for 2013: D.J. Humphries and Jessamen Dunker were the best and among the best linemen in the 2012 class, respectively, and Moore was the No. 67 recruit in the country according to Rivals in 2011. (And Trenton Brown is still on the horizon, blotting out the sun.)

Moore also became the first true freshman in Nebraska history to start for the Huskers in a season opener in 2011, so, uh, he's good.