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Florida vs. Kentucky: Hooray and ho-hum

Could Florida's win over Kentucky have been more impressive? Sure. But it's impressive that it seemed like a foregone conclusion.

Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Another year, another victory over Kentucky. Florida won this one 41-13 (or maybe 38-0. I figure every year we beat UK by 40-something to teen-something). In general, Driskel's facemask was about the only time the 'Cats had any real grasp on the game.

Most Gator fans recognize the Kentucky game as a breather of sorts. Yeah, we have a game, but it's just Kentucky, so tailgates can be more lax, the pre-game fan jitters nearly non-existent. The one recent exception to this was 2004, when a young'n named Leak saved us from disaster. Other than that, it's been a game that arrives and departs with little fanfare. I was about four months old the last time we lost to the 'Cats, so usually, this game's not a big deal.

That's not to say that getting the win isn't important. This is the type of game that, especially in the last few years, suddenly became key when counting to six. But for most of the last two decades, it's been the kind of game where you could periodically pop your head in, see the steady if unspectacular progress, nod your head and utter a curt "Good" before ducking out.

On Saturday the Gators did some trudging, some dominating, and some watching Morgan Newton at least not trip over his own feet. It didn't feature a six-TD performance from anyone, but it didn't have to. Jeff Driskel continued showing marked improvement (despite an INT that reminded me of Brantley's quadruple-coverage pick against FSU last year, just chunking it out there despite a glaring neon sign screaming NO DON'T THROW IT HERE). The defense continued clamping down. Mike Gillislee continued to remind us that life is mysterious, at least as to why quarkbacks, and not he, did the majority of the running in years past.

Other articles posted about the game on Alligator Army will do a great job showing just how we handled Kentucky, and we'd all do well to read them. But on the lighter side, let's be glad that the Kentucky game continued to be the Kentucky game, and that at best we're moving toward an inspiring season, and at worst it's still September and we're only two games from six wins. Huzzah!