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Florida Football Recruiting: Could Alabama swoop in on Gators commit Kelvin Taylor?

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One of the crown jewels of Florida's 2013 recruiting class is Kelvin Taylor. But Alabama isn't giving up the fight for Fred Taylor's son just yet.

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Class of 2013 running back Kelvin Taylor delighted Florida fans when he committed to the Gators in February: Here was a scion of Fred Taylor, one of the greats of the glory days, who was a great player in his own right, choosing to stay home and play for Pops' alma mater. Alas, there's a villain in the story, too: Nick Saban and Alabama haven't given up the chase for Taylor just yet.

Matt Porter of The Palm Beach Post reports that Alabama is still recruiting Taylor, who is vocal about his love for the Gators on Twitter, among other places. Taylor's coach told the Post that "Alabama, they don't take no for an answer very good"; Taylor said Saban "doesn't have a chance" of flipping his commitment.

But Porter artfully draws a comparison to another big-time recruit who did flip at the last minute: Taylor's dad. Fred Taylor switched from Florida State to Florida on National Signing Day in 1993, and he's far from the only recruit to swap one hat for another at the last minute.

I don't think Taylor's likely to follow the footsteps of Trent Richardson and leave the state of Florida for the lure of playing in crimson and white, but the Gators are going to have to stay on Taylor just like Alabama is to make sure of that.