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Florida Ranked No. 23 In Week 2 USA Today Poll, No. 24 In AP Top 25

This is the best pic of Mike Gillislee's number in our photo tool.
This is the best pic of Mike Gillislee's number in our photo tool.

An uninspiring 27-14 win over Bowling Green last Saturday didn't give Florida a boost in the Week 2 college football polls. But it didn't knock the Gators down all that much, either. Florida remains No. 23 in the Week 2 USA Today coaches' poll, and falls one spot to No. 24 in the Week 2 AP Poll.

The obvious reaction is that this is polling from the first two weeks, which has no bearing on anything, and that Florida's win over Bowling Green, even if it had been a 70-0 shutout, would have done very little to impact Florida's status. But it's sort of important that Florida is ranked and Texas A&M and Tennessee, its next two opponents, are not.

If the Gators knock off the Aggies in Texas this Saturday, they won't get credit for beating a ranked team, which is a thing that matters later in the year; the same thing is possible for Tennessee, but there's a really good chance the Vols will be ranked by the time Florida gets to Knoxville.

Of course, Florida's path gets a lot more treacherous after September, and the Gators' record against teams in the top 25 will only really matter if they're in BCS contention, which still seems like a possibility rather than a likelihood.