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Brent Pease Apologizes For "Potty Mouth" On Florida Vs. Bowling Green Broadcast

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I still haven't watched all of the TV broadcast of Florida's win over Bowling Green, but I've been told by multiple people that Brent Pease was basically reciting Carlin's seven words in the booth at some point during the game — and that ESPN showed him saying them.

Because all the world loves an apology, he "apologized" for cursing while talking to media members on Tuesday.

Pease says, "I probably got a little potty mouth. I apologize for that. I hear it more from my mom than anybody else."

What did mom say? "My mother said to be careful and I need to watch my mouth. I had my mouth washed out with soap when I was like 9. It's not going to happen now."

I suppose that counts as an apology, but it's ridiculous that a person who assumed he was speaking privately is made to answer for accidental public speech that is notable only for its crudeness. Part of Pease's job is communicating effectively; if peppering his speech with profanity helps, and he's not using that profanity to wound people, I'm good with never asking for nor needing to accept a horseshit apology like this.

Besides: We love Will Muschamp in part for his profanity.