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Florida Vs. Texas A&M: College GameDay Hype Video Accomplishes Purpose

You know, I think this College GameDay video for the bout between Florida and Texas A&M on Saturday does what is supposed to do, which is MAKE ME QUESTION WHY IT IS NOT SATURDAY RIGHT NOWWW.

I would be a little upset about ESPN not being able to use many highlights from Florida's first game of 2012, but they do get in one shot: Mike Gillislee high-stepping into the end zone against Bowling Green is at about :19. (Sadly, I don't think either of the shots of Dominique Easley doing Dominique Easley things are from last Saturday.)

Also, as I've hinted at a few times around these parts, I will be in College Station this weekend and at the game on Saturday, and I am fully ready to broil as Florida beats this A&M team. If you have suggestions for things I should make sure to do in College Station and/or Austin, let me know?