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Florida Vs. Texas A&M: Previewing Johnny Manziel And The Aggies Through GIF And Video

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If you haven't seen the latest masterpiece from @cuppycup at Good Bull Hunting, here it is: Johnny Manziel reimagined as "Pitfall Johnny," boppin' the Gators on their heads as he runs to the end zone.

But I frankly don't think that's all that much to worry about, because if Manziel tries to stomp on Florida players' heads, Texas A&M will get at least one penalty flag on Saturday. (And that will bring the Aggies within 10 penalties of Florida!)

Jokes aside, I think there are some things to be learned from Texas A&M video highlights. So, after the jump, a review of a review of Texas A&M's offense.

I can't embed that video I'm working from, sadly, but, again, this is the link.

Christine Michael

Michael's by far the most experienced and worrisome player on the Aggie offense. You can see in the first 80 seconds of the video that he has good burst, good size, and good speed. But he is not easy to take down because of what you see best at 1:11: Uncommon balance, which allows him to agilely pivot and spin to avoid two Louisiana Tech tacklers. Florida's own tackling woes, especially in the secondary, could be exacerbated by a bowling ball of a runner who can make players miss.

Michael Lamothe

Guess he doesn't play much, considering the 10 seconds he gets! Lamothe only had 14 catches in 2011, but that number could go up in Kevin Sumlin's passing attack.

Ben Malena

Rushed for 3.87 yards per carry in 2011, good enough to get five seconds of this video! A solid backup to Michael, but little more.

Trey Williams

Here's the A&M analogue to Chris Rainey and Jeff Demps. Williams is about 5'8", and under 180 pounds, but that kid can fly. All we're seeing from him in the video is play against high schoolers and in practice, but agility, balance, and speed all translate. Be wary of Williams coming out of the backfield.

Ryan Swope

I think Swope's the guy Florida should be most concerned with. Though the Gators' secondary has gotten better since 2011, it's not bigger, and Swope's 6'0", 205ish. That's size that makes getting him tackled tough, and a frame that poses a challenge for anyone in Florida's defensive backfield.

Uzoma Nwachukwu

As far as I can tell, he can jump. That could also be troublesome for the Lilliputian brigade in Florida's back four.

Damontre Moore

Oh, you hit people? Cool.

Sean Porter

The one shot of him wrapping up Robert Griffin III is pretty cool, but neither Moore nor Porter has the defensive line in front of him that he did in 2011. Most of those seniors are gone, and now it's on a young line to free up Moore, a "jack" 'backer, and Porter, an LB, like the line did in '11 (34.5 combined tackles for loss).

Steven Campbell, Steven Terrell, Dustin Harris

You're not going to believe this, but there's not a lot of scouting value in shots of secondary players running back picks.

Seen any other A&M highlights? What are you most worried about on Saturday?