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Florida Vs. Texas A&M: Three Keys To The Game

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The maddest man on the Gators defense could be a key on Saturday.
The maddest man on the Gators defense could be a key on Saturday.

Florida vs. Texas A&M: 3:30 p.m. Eastern today on ESPN.

Jeff Driskel's calm

Much ink has been spilled here and elsewhere this week about how Driskel plays and why it might give Florida a chance against a hyped-up team in a hostile place. But this Gators team is now Driskel's to command, and whether or not he's able to do the things that win Florida this game, he needs to keep his head while about 75,000 fans around him are losing their minds more than anything else. Teams follow their quarterbacks; Driskel must not panic.

A mad Gators defense

What Florida did against Bowling Green last week was uninspiring in total, but the defense's relative indifference to a dink-and-dunk passing game was perhaps the most disappointing thing about last Saturday's showing. That defense will be mad this week, ready to show a Texas A&M team that has become an offensive juggernaut in more than a few minds what an SEC defense plays like. If it dominates, Florida could roll.

Minimizing penalties

Florida could have shut out Bowling Green last Saturday (really!) had it not been for a couple of penalties that gave the Falcons great field position. The sort of undisciplined play that makes for close games against MAC teams will guarantee losses against teams as talented as A&M.