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Florida Vs. Texas A&M Game Thread: A Rude Awakening, Either Way

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The crowd at Kyle Field won't be quite this orange and blue, I suspect.
The crowd at Kyle Field won't be quite this orange and blue, I suspect.

One way or another, a team is getting a rude awakening today: Florida beating Texas A&M would show that the Aggies aren't going to take the SEC by storm quite like they would like, and the Aggies topping the Gators could touch off one of the most tumultuous seasons in Florida's recent history.

But, more than anything, I really want to beat Texas A&M because of a joke. Y'all remember the one Steve Spurrier legendarily told about Auburn, in which the real tragedy of a library burning down at Auburn was that most of the coloring books hadn't been colored yet?

Last night, at Midnight Yell, Texas A&M stole it, swapping in the UF library for Auburn's. Not only does that not make a lot of sense for a school that has about the same academic reputation as Florida, it's just not nearly as funny the second time around, and definitely made more than a few Florida fans in attendance mad.

Much of what I have seen in Texas and in College Station this weekend suggests that the A&M marriage with the SEC was one that only made Texas fans happier (you mean our greatest rivals turned tail?) and left Aggies puffing out their chests about leaving the "Bevo Nine" and making it to The Show that is the SEC. One of the SEC's charter members upholding the honor of the conference's old guard behind enemy lines here in College Station would be a fine way to spoil that honeymoon.

Broadcast information, links, etc. after the jump.

Kickoff Time

3:30 p.m. Eastern

TV and Streaming Information

The game will be broadcast on ESPN. A radio broadcast can be heard via the Gator IMG Sports Network; live audio is available via GatorVision. An online stream is available from WatchESPN, but not ESPN3.

What to Watch For

We gave you three keys to the game, previewed the Aggies via their 2011 highlights, ran down six reasons the Gators will win, made 25 predictions for the game, hoped Brent Pease gets control of the reins, and talked to Good Bull Hunting. For all of the SB Nation content on Florida vs. Texas A&M, head to the game page.

Game Thread Guidelines

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