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Jessamen Dunker arrested: Florida freshman stole scooter, according to police

The Gainesville Sun's Robbie Andreu was first to report that Jessamen Dunker's arrest for grand theft auto comes because he stole a scooter.

247Sports' Thomas Goldkamp gets this quote from the University Police Department, which booked Dunker, confirming that it was a scooter that Dunker stole.

"He was observed by one of our police officers riding on a scooter that did not have a tag attached to the scooter," major Brad Barber said. "Traffic stop was initiated, and during that stop it was determined that he was driving on a license that had been suspended. He was aware of that. The scooter, in fact, was stolen."

Dunker's arrest on third-degree felony grand theft auto charges suggests that the vehicle stolen was worth more than $5,000. That seems a little on the high end for a scooter — and seems like the kind of loophole Gainesville legal eagle Huntley Johnson might be able to attack — but Dunker's in some deep, deep trouble regardless. Update: See original story for why the previous is wrong and/or why I'm an idiot.

Florida is aware of the situation, too: