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Jessamen Dunker told police he purchased scooter, according to report

You know what sounds like it might complicate things in Jessamen Dunker's arrest? Dunker telling police he had purchased the scooter.

The resale of scooters happens all the time in Gainesville, a scooter-friendly city, and especially among athletes, who need scooters more than most populations and can buy old ones from outgoing graduates and players who are leaving. An athlete being involved in the sale a piece of property that eventually got that player arrested sounds a lot like a former Florida player of some repute: Cam Newton.

Newton said that he had bought, not stolen, that laptop, something that was contradicted by virtually every other fact in that story — my most charitable reading is that Cam bought a laptop someone else swiped — contradicted.

Dunker might be in for a similar saga. Or, if he actually bought the scooter and is the subject of some grand misunderstanding, this story might end differently.

One thing's for sure: Florida coaches and fans would probably be perfectly fine with the end of Cam Newton's time at Florida never being brought up again, and incidents reminiscent of it are probably not going to win players many fans.