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Chomping at Bits: The Catfishing of Manti Te'o

Manti Te'o had a fake girlfriend. That might not be the weirdest part of his story.

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The incredible story of Manti Te'o's Lennay Kekua: So far: Kekua didn't exist; Deadspin has an unnamed source near Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, the person suspected of running the con, saying he was "80 percent sure" Te'o was in on it; Te'o's stories don't check out without accepting a lot of things at face value; the timelines are nearly irreconcilable; an Arizona Cardinals fullback claims to have met "Kekua"; people on Twitter who knew about Ronaiah claim the truth will come out. It's been right around 18 hours since this story was published. It will get weirder. (Tim Burke and Jack Dickey, Deadspin | Jeff Sonderman, Poynter | SB Nation StoryStream)

Kasey Hill is awesome: Also, he's closer to Julius Randle than Chris Walker, and may be closer still to Joel Berry. (Russ Wood, Rivals)

How Tim Tebow could end up in Chicago: This relies on Marc Trestman being much closer to Tebow than I suspect he really is. (Dan Shanoff, USA TODAY Sports)

UF professor who owned Stubbies and Steins passes away: His name was Gar Hoflund, and he sounds like a cool dude. (Anthony Clark, The Gainesville Sun)

Florida not in top 16 of Sports Illustrated power rankings: I bet it's at least partially because Florida is hard to write about. (Luke Winn,

On blackness and indie rock: Even if you think you would hate this essay, you should read this essay. (Martin Douglas, MTV Hive)

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