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Jessamen Dunker suspended from Florida team activities after release from jail

Jessamen Dunker was released on his own recognizance on Thursday. That might explain why he was only suspended by Will Muschamp on Friday.


Jessamen Dunker was released from an Alachua County jail on Thursday on his own recognizance, and Will Muschamp told reporters on Friday that he has met with Dunker and suspended him from all team activities.

Dunker being released on his own recognizance means he didn't have to post bail, which is a good sign that he a) has a good lawyer (it's friend of Florida athletics scofflaws Huntley Johnson, of course) and b) might have the felony grand theft auto charge he faces reduced, especially if the story that he and Johnson are telling about paying $600 for the scooter he was arrested for stealing proves to be true.

Dunker stands a far better chance of staying on the Florida roster if that charge is dropped or reduced — misdemeanors have brought little to no public punishment under Muschamp — but his status is likely up in the air for spring practice until the State Attorney's office decides whether to proceed with prosecuting him. Given Johnson's decades of success in Alachua County criminal defense when the people being represented are Gators, I suspect Dunker will eventually re-join Florida's roster, where he is likely to compete for a starting spot on the interior offensive line.

If nothing else, though, this incident will hopefully go some way to scare Dunker straight and remember to have the things he buys properly registered.