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Florida vs. Louisville, Theater of Operations: Previewing the Cardinals offense and a little Teddy Bridgewater

The Florida Gators take on the Louisville Cardinals tonight in the Sugar Bowl. When it comes to the Cardinals, it's pretty much all about quarterback Teddy Bridgewater who is the Big East conference's player of the year.

Andy Lyons

The last preview edition of the year might be a day late, but hey, blame the flu.

The Louisville Cardinals might have two running backs that both ran for over 700 yards this season. They also might have a pretty good defense. But none of that really matters, especially because they aren't going to beat you with either of those things.

They will however, beat you with quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

Bridgewater was voted the 2012 Big East Player of the Year after a year in which he completed almost seventy-percent of his passes for 3,452 yards and 25 touchdowns against only seven interceptions. His numbers come down to a 161.6 quarterback rating and 8.92 yards per pass attempt.

To compare those numbers to Jeff Driskel, Driskel finished with a quarterback rating of 136 and 6.81 yards per pass attempts. And yes, they are both sophomores. It's going to be fun watching both their careers from here on out.

As for the rest of the Cardinals offense, they rank 49th in the country in terms of scoring offense with an average of 31 points per game. Passing and running the ball though, they are the exact opposite of the Florida Gators. Passing the ball, they rank 23rd and running the ball they rank 100th nationally.

But back to the focus on Bridgewater and the video tape.

Play No. 1: Bridgewater's 72 yard touchdown pass to Ryan Hubbell against Temple

In looking at this play, I was curious as to how he throws the ball the deep. This isn't the deepest throw possible, but it's still a nice throw.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Hubbell is just going to run right through the middle of the defense and he even gets past the linebackers with ease. Meanwhile, Bridgewater is just going to drop back three steps, step up one and then throw.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

The offensive line gives Bridgewater a great pocket to throw to. At this point, Hubbell is just getting over the linebackers and is about to split the safeties.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

The ball (red circle) is perfectly thrown and located. Bridgewater was able to hit the receiver in stride, in a great location and all that makes for an easy touchdown.

Play No. 2: Bridgewater's 32 yard touchdown pass to Charles Gaines against North Carolina


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Gaines runs a deep in-route while Bridgewater runs the play action.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Right after the play action, Bridewater has to avoid a defender, which he does by taking a quick step forward into the pocket. This also allows for him to have more space to get off the throw.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

As for the throw, yeah, it was pretty decent.

Play No. 3: Bridgewater's 8 yard touchdown pass to DeVante Parker against Syracuse

He's also pretty good when it comes to short, quick passes too.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Just a quick, back of the shoulder throw.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

One step back...


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

...and it's a great throw (and catch by Parker) by Bridgewater in the best location possible.

There is no denying that Bridgewater is Mr. Everything and makes the Cardinals' offense go. Without him, they wouldn't be where they are, that's for sure. But hey, bowl games are the time of the year when stars shine and players who haven't really done all that much throughout the year shine even brighter.

Hopefully the Gators will be on the lookout.

But I still think the Gators win and probably win big. Louisville is out of their element here (at least on paper), but that hasn't really stopped lesser teams from playing the Gators close either.

Gators win 27-10.