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Demarcus Robinson commits to Florida, for real and for good

Is Demarcus Robinson's crazy-ass (technical term) recruitment finally at an end? He's telling multiple reporters he'll enroll at Florida, and he's now on campus.

John Sommers II

Demarcus Robinson has apparently been deciding between Florida and Clemson for the better part of a month, given his decommitment from Clemson and commitment to Florida, decommitment from Florida and recommitment to Clemson, and his announcements this week at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl that he was 50-50 on Clemson and Florida and that Clemson had an edge on Florida and Notre Dame (...yeah, no). But if this is really Demarcus Robinson sending out this tweet, it appears that he will commit to Florida.

But if you're skeptical about a tweet being from the real Robinson, this should put your mind at ease: Robinson apparently also texted ESPN's Derek Tyson to say the same thing.

Robinson is expected to enroll early this week at whichever school he does pick, and he can do that through the end of Drop/Add at Florida this week without any academic penalty. But he won't be officially a Florida student until he sits in a class, so there's still some time to go before Robinson's finished with his recruitment. Update, Tuesday 2:40 p.m.: Robinson is on campus at UF, and his recruitment is apparently officially concluded.

As for who Robinson is as a player: All of the glowing words written about him weeks ago are still true, and might even be understating his game, as he just spent a week in San Antonio looking like the best receiver in a pool of very good ones. Robinson and Ahmad Fulwood give Florida two tall receivers to go to, and Robinson is potentially the most explosive big receiver in the class of 2013.

This is a huge pickup for Florida at a position of dire need, and a coup for Will Muschamp and Joker Phillips, who stayed on Robinson as the stalking horse for almost his entire recruitment, then fended off Clemson when both schools appeared to be on an even playing field. Robinson's commitment gives the Gators a very good chance at having the No. 1 recruiting class in the nation with a strong finish on National Signing Day, and should ensure no worse than a top-three ranking from most sites.