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Chomping at Bits: Is Vernon Hargreaves III Florida's best cornerback?

That's the argument one Alligator writer is making.

Mike Ehrmann

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Is Vernon Hargreaves III Florida's best cornerback? That's one argument that can be made right now for the reigning SEC Freshman of the Week. (Phillip Heilman, The Independent Florida Alligator | GatorZone)

Florida defense isn't perfect: I wasn't aware that anyone was suggesting that it was? (Chris Harry, GatorZone)

Brent Pease takes players on nature walk: I like Brent Pease. (Also, there really isn't much else to do in Lexington. It's not like he was gonna take 'em to Liquor Barn.) (Jason Lieser, Gator Bytes | The Palm Beach Post)

Florida among contenders with fewest flaws: That's what having an elite defense gets you: Consideration as one of the nation's best teams. (Travis Haney, ESPN — $ )

Gators in the NFL, Week 4: Weird, after a few years of the Steelers stockpiling Gators, that some of the best ones in the league now play for other AFC North teams. (Adam Silverstein, Only Gators)

How Darren Rovell came to be loathed: He's really mastered his heel persona. (Steve Kandell, BuzzFeed)

Better vacancy: Texas or USC? I agree with the coaches speaking anonymously here that it's Texas. (Steven Godfrey, SB Nation)

Your Gators moment of zen, Part 1: Hot Light Hammond is still Hot Light Hammond.

Your Gators moment of zen, Part 2: If I recall correctly, Patric Young had a drug test on his birthday last year. (Happy birthday, Bianca!)

Is VH3 Florida's No. 1 corner? What's the earliest you've had to wake up on your birthday? The comments are yours.


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